A wide range of instruments awaits our students at our music school. Choosing the right instruments - which will determine a person's mental and spiritual development for yeras - is not an easy task for either parent or child. Our experienced art teachers will provide effective assistance in making this decision.


The greatest appeal of the brass instruments is that, provided progress is satisfactory and solfège studies have been completed, there is opportunity to become a member of the wind orchestra of the school. Younger students normally start their studies with the recorder, and, when they are physically mature for brass instruments, they have a wide variety to choose from. There are quality brass instruments in the store of the music school, and they can be rented during the studies. If needed, it is possible to practice in the school, even on Saturdays, too. Students of the department can show what they know outside the school as well, eg. at concerts in churches, and in the kindergartens and schools of the town.

The numbers of the wind orchestra have grown significantly in the past years. József Szász, the director of the orchestra, teaches a diverse repertoire to the ensemble from works by old masters to film music and arrangements of popular pieces. The joy of playing music together may go with the students for a long time after finishing the school, too, since older students of the orchestra may join the Municipal Wind Orchestra of Budaörs.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments, which is no wonder, since, as a polyphonic instrument, it is able to give a complete musical experience on its own (without an accompaniment); furthermore, practising does not disturb the peace of either the family or the neighbours, due to the volume of the instrument. Younger students may rent a smaller guitar from the school, although this instrument is often bought for every age group by the parents. In the past years, more and more students have decided to ask admission to classical and jazz programmes of secondary schools of music. The latest pride of the department is Péter Cseh’s – a former student of the department – Junior Prima prize (2019).

After having completed or during solfège studies, there is opportunity to become a member of the guitar ensemble. Students of the department often perform at events outside the school, such as, eg., in libraries, kindergartens. They also regularly participate in competitions, courses, and the yearly Guitar Festival of Ménfőcsanak.

Students applying for this department can get acquainted with every kind of percussion instruments, from drums to different melodic instruments. In the outbuilding of the school, classes are held in well equipped, soundproof rooms of percussion. For home practice, teachers give advice on what to buy and what not to buy; furthermore – if necessary –, it is also possible to practise at the school. Percussion instruments help students understand the necessity of logistics, discipline, attention, and community work beyond studying an instrument. There is also opportunity for the joy of playing music together in chamber music formations and ensembles with fellow students as well as teachers. Despite difficulties of transporting instruments, performance opportunities are provided to the students of the department both in the school and at outside venues. In the summer of 2018, on prof. Péter Mile’s initiative, the out-in-the-yard concerts at the end of the academic year have been launched, which have become a true community tradition.

Many prefer the piano when choosing an instrument since it is possible to play an entire orchestra on it.

Owning an instrument is a requirement for studying the piano. Although many may consider buying an electronic instrument, we suggest and request that an upright piano – or, incidentally, a grand piano – be preferred when buying one. Mechanical instruments encourage students to do such precise and quality work which is impossible at the electronic ones; furthermore, pianos, as opposed to the electronic instruments, retain their economic values, and they may be sold again at the same price. Our teachers gladly give advice and help choose the optimal instrument.


Opportunities for performance are primarily provided to the students of the department – precisely because of the instrument – in the chamber music halls of the music school. The music school has quality pianos, which are maintained by excellent professionals. Students of the department regularly participate in local, regional, and national competitions outside the school, which is preceded by serious work of preparation. About the results of competitions, see the Events of the academic year – Accomplishments, and the Archives.

Playing music together is experienced also by students playing the piano in four hands – and ever more diverse – chamber music formations together with friends, siblings, parents, and teachers.

At the department of keyboard instruments of the music school, it is possible to get to know the harpsichord and the organ, and their special literature, too.

The youngest students are introduced to the world of music at this department. They generally spend their first academic year (first year of primary school) in the solfège preparatory course. This is where they have the opportunity to start getting acquainted with the basics of music, with their classmates, and their teachers. Solfège is taught in three schools of Budaörs (Mindszenty, Bleyer, Primary school Nr. 1) – so as to help parents put their children’s schedule together – as well as at the main site of the school in Rózsa street. If the students have not yet chosen an instrument, they have opportunity to do so on the Open Days, at Introducing instruments workshops, and through visits to the music school. Admission – Education.

The teachers of the department are willing to teach students either in groups or individually for higher levels of music education and admission exams. In 2018, the higher (‘B’) level solfège classes were launched, thus, after the base exam, interested students have opportunity to study solfège further on. Compulsory elective courses after having completed obligatory solfège studies: Reentry form. The teachers of the department treat applications for an individual course flexibly.

In our teaching, educating into regular singing is given extraordinairy attention. Even the youngest participate at school events – Advent concert and the closing ceremony of the academic year ­– and in competitions (‘Forget-(me)-not!’ folk song singing competition).

String instruments offer the joy of playing music both alone and together with others. Connection to the instrument is really intimate, since sound creation happens through the direct sounding of the strings.

It is possible to rent string instruments – especially the smaller ones – from the stores of the school. Later, when children stop growing, it is worth buying an instrument. The teachers of the department are happy to share their experience and advice on buying string instruments.

After having completed or during the solfège studies, there is opportunity to become a member of the string orchestra of the school and to get acquainted with the joy of playing music together in different chamber music formations. Beyond its beauty and professional usefulness, playing music together also serves building a community. Friendships can be made within the walls of the music school which may stay with the students for life.

Students of the department often perform outside the school, at different events of the town, on invitation, or in competitions. Events of the academic year – Achievements, Archives. These performances help the formation of stage presence, and offer an experience of success which helps boost confidence and inspire further studies.

At the department of woodwind instruments, a wide selection of instruments awaits students. The youngest generally start their studies of wind instruments with the recorder, then they may choose one of the other instruments on their teacher’s advice. A well-equipped store of instruments is available to students. Apart from the recorder – which parents buy for their children –, it is possible to rent an instrument from the school during the period of studies. Our experienced teachers give advice on buying instruments. After having completed or during the solfège studies, there is opportunity to become a member of the wind orchestra or to get acquainted with the joy of playing music together in a chamber music formation. Students of the department regularly perform outside the school in the kindergartens, schools, and churches of the town of Budaörs.

In the past years, many have participated in national competitions. About their achievements, see the Events of the academic year, and the Archives.