I graduated as a secondary school music teacher and choir director in 1998 at the Liszt Academy of Music. I have been teaching solfège at the Leopold Mozart Music School since 1999. Since 2014, I have been teaching methodology at the Faculty of Teacher Training of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, and directing the Performing Choir of the university. I have been the director of the Central Choir of the Reformed church since 2016. I also direct two mixed choirs and serve as a cantor at the Reformed Congregation of Pozsonyi út, Budapest. I regularly perform as a solo singer at different church and secular events. I would like to help my students get to like solfège through the experience of singing.


I graduated as a trombonist and trombone teacher at the extramural department of the Liszt Academy of Music in Debrecen. I started my career as a teacher in 2002; I have been teaching and heading the department of brass instruments at the Leopold Mozart Music School since 2016. I actively take part in the work of the wind ensemble at the school. I have been the sound editor of classical music for the Phoenix Studio, Diósd, since 2008. I regularly play at concerts.

I studied choir direction and composition at the Liszt Academy of Music, I graduated as a composer and teacher of composition in 2018. I have been studying singing since 2009. I also work as a baritone with the Purcell Choir and the Hungarian Radio Choir. I also completed the BA programme in Italian and English at the Eötvös Loránd University, thus I am able to teach in both languages beside Hungarian; it means a great deal of freedom and richness to me. I am being trained in Klára Kokas’s pedagogy; I am a certified Metamorphoses Story-therapist, and a Bálint group leader.

I think about music as a deeply human phenomenon; I am able to show such terrains of my internal mental-spiritual world which cannot be communicated through other channels. If I am able to pass the beauty of this strong and, at the same time, vulnerable way of expression either as a creator or a performer or a teacher, it is a such a gift that I can hardly imagine any greater.

I graduated at the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest (piano teacher, 1988), and the University of Music, Munich (harpsichordist and teacher in 1992, chamber musician and teacher in 1993). I have taught in Hungary and in Germany at all levels – primary, secondary, higher – of music education, thus I also teach in German. I have performed abroad and in Hungary as a soloist, chamber musician, and the harpsichordist of the Bach Collegium, Munich. Since 2015, I have been a professor of masterclasses and vocational trainings.

My faith and belief is that we can raise our students through teaching music to become more harmonious, whole people who find their uniqueness and are able to express it for the benefit of the community.

I wanted to be a piano teacher already as a child, music and teaching are inexhaustible treasuries for me. I know that personal exemple is crucial in this relationship. I strive to live genuinely, and to relate to the diversity of children with curiosity and responsibility. I graduated as a piano and solfège teacher at the extramural department of the Liszt Academy of Music in Miskolc. Beside teaching, raising my four children have given me fundamental experiences. I like to participate in competitons, festivals with my students; I have many times organised summer camps, programmes for the talented, and concert visits. Some of my students have chosen a career in music during my years as a teacher, but I strive to find the unique way to everyone so that they can enjoy playing music.

I graduated as a violin and viola teacher in Győr and at the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. I have the opportunity to teach both instruments at the music school. I used to play the viola in the Hungarian Radio Orchestra for 33 years, for 15 out of which I was the deputy leader. I was a founding member of the Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. I started teaching at the music school in 2008. When teaching, I strive to make good use of the immense amount of musical-artistic-human experience I had during my activities as an orchestra and chamber musician, playing together with great artists. I have trained several students for a career in music also in German. With my students, we regularly take part in competitions. I am happy to visit courses of esteemed violin teachers.

My goal is to pass on the joy and happiness of playing music. I hope to aid my students experience the feeling of success while studying the instrument. I am happy when I can see their satisfaction after a performance.

I graduated as a pianist in 2013, and as a piano teacher in 2014 at the Liszt Academy of Music. I have participated in numerous competitions and masterclasses, I regularly play at concerts. I started teaching in the music school – where I work as an accompanist and a piano teacher – in 2013 with great enthusiasm and care for my students. I am also an accompanist at the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music, Instrument Making and Repair. I teach in Hungarian and Japanese. I have been shaping my own method by applying the knowledge and experience I have acquired in the musical trainings and class visits in both countries. My goal is to help the young get to like and understand music.