DE: Vezető: József Szász

I graduated as an oboist and oboe teacher at the Liszt Academy of Music. I look for innovation both as a musician and as a teacher. I have played music in numerous styles and formations from classical to popular. I am currently a member of the Duna Symphonic Orchestra.

It is important for me to teach my students the basics with experiential methodology. A further goal of mine is to help my students get to like music to such a degree that it may become an elemental part of their everyday lives.

DE: Vezető: Ildikó Soproni

I have been teaching at the Leopold Mozart Music School since 2000, and also in music camps and masterclasses in Hungary as well as abroad. I founded and directed for 13 years the wind ensemble of the music school. I make transcriptions and I compose pieces for educational purposes. In my classes, singing together and improvising (Sáry method) are regular activities. I graduated in 2000 at the Liszt Academy of Music. I am a performer of contemporary music; I have been awarded the Fischer Annie Scholarship three times, the Artisjus Prize twice, and the Lajtha Prize. I won first place and a special prize at international competitions, and the scholarship of the american international flute festival. Several contemporary composers have written works for me. I play the Hungarian shepherd wind instruments, which has made my work unique among flautists. I created the programme Hungarian Motifs with jazz and folk musicians. I am a member of the EAR ensemble, and the Flute & Dance production. I play a golden flute in possession of the Hungarian State at concert. I teach in English and German.

DE: Vezető: Zsolt Sági

DE: Vezető: László Bogáti

I have been a teacher at the Leopold Mozart Musich School since 2015, and the head of the department of piano since 2018. I live in Budaörs with my family.

As a music teacher, apart from professional quality, I find it important in the musical education of my students that children enjoy playing music. Several of my students have been successful in regional and national competitions; some have chosen a career in music. Still, I think real success is if studens discover the joy of learning, the connection between hard work and success, and, at the end of their studies, as more mature personalities, they take the love and understanding of music away, which can be a source of joy for life for them.